3 safe ways to remove lash extensions at ho

When your glowing eyelash extensions start to fall out more and more over time (they can’t stay with you forever!), you know it’s time to say goodbye to your whole lash extension set and let your lashes have a break or put on a new one. 

We have to say that it’s best to leave the eyelash remover to your lash artist, but if you don’t have time to meet your lash artist, you can learn how to remove lash extensions at home by following these ways and tips:

1. Use oil based makeup removers

There are reasons why your lash artists advise you to avoid oil-based makeup removal while having lash extensions on. Oil is known to be able to break down the formulas of lash adhesive, dissolve them, and make your extensions fall out prematurely. This means that when you need to remove lash extensions at home, oil-based makeup removers turn into useful items.

 You might not be able to remove your extensions all at once; therefore, apply the makeup remover to your lashes on a daily basis to gradually get rid of them completely. This is considered quite a safe way for eyelash removal, but the disadvantage is that it takes time.

oil based make up removers remove lash extensions at home

2. Steam

Like oil, steam has a strong effect on the glue bond and can be a useful tool to remove lash extensions at home on your own. You can use this method quite flexibly to  remove lash extensions at home: take a hot shower, go to a steam room, or do direct facial steaming (which gives a better result).

The biggest advantage of this method is that it can not only help you ease off the lash extensions you want to remove but also benefit your skin. When having facial steaming, you can add mint, lavender, rose, etc. to detoxify your face. 

3. Make natural eyelash glue remover

Oil is the enemy of lash glue and a friend to those who want to do DIY lash removal. In fact, using oil is considered the best way to remove lash extensions at home. There are several types of oils you can choose from: coconut, olive, castor, baby oil,…

While coconut oil is totally safe to use on the delicate area around your eyes and effectively removes the eyelash extensions, olive oil can be a bit slower, but it contains many vitamins such as A, E, and K, which are good for your natural lash health. Another alternative is baby oil, which is gentle and minimizes the chance of getting your eyes irritated. 

how to remove lash extensions with coconut oil

This method is kind of a combination of the two above methods; therefore, it will require a few more steps. In return, it will be more effective to remove lash extensions at home.

Step 1: Start the process by making sure all your makeup, oil, and dirt on your face and eyelash extensions are completely removed. Oil-based makeup remover and facial cleanser are highly recommended for this step. 

Step 2: Use a bowl of steaming hot water and place your face in front of it at a safe distance. You can use a towel to cover your head for maximum effectiveness. Then wait for about 10 minutes to let the hot steam loosen the adhesive bond.

Step 3: Warm the oil, but do not let it be too hot, as it will be directly exposed to your lashes and skin in the next step. Oil that is heated enough will work better to break the glue bond than oil at a normal temperature.

Step 4: Use cotton pads and soak them in the oil. Apply them to your lashes and let them stay there for a few minutes, then gently rub them to make the extensions unattached from the natural lashes

Step 5: Use the microswab or a spoolie to remove the extensions from your lash set.

Step 6: Wash your face again using a gentle oil-free cleanser to remove the remaining oil from your lashes and your face.

Extra notices when you remove lash extensions at home: 

Be gentle: Avoid tugging or pulling at the lash extensions as it can damage your natural lashes

Be careful with the oil used: Choose an oil that surely won’t cause you allergies and apply it with extreme care. If the oil gets into your eyes, immediately flush them with a lot of clean water and go to the doctor if necessary.

Give it time: Unlike eyelash extension remover, which is specially designed for removing lash extensions, using these methods at home can be slower as they can’t remove the extensions immediately. 

Repeat if necessary: Safe yet effective, but this is not an overnight process or one-time practice. Using oil-based makeup removers, steam, or even oil as a natural eyelash glue remover, you might need to do them several times for complete removal.

Once again, going to the lash studio for professional removal or having the assistance of a lash technician is the best way to remove eyelash extensions. These methods should be used as a last resort.