Beauty secrets: Sleeping with eyelash extensions

Having a new glamorous lash extension set on makes you feel like you are living a new life! However, to keep this beauty shining, it’s also time to change your daily habits for a proper aftercare routine. This can be overwhelming, especially when you have to be more careful even when sleeping. Sleeping with eyelash extensions can be tricky, but the following tips will help you to some extent. 


1. Sleeping Positions for Eyelash Extensions

Sleeping on your back:

This is considered the best sleeping position, as your eyes won’t contact anything. We highly recommend you sleep in this position, especially in the first few days after lash application, when the lash glue hasn’t been completely dry and your lashes can easily fall out if they get caught on something. 


sleeping on back with eyelash extensions


Sleeping on your side:

We know that for some, it’s a more comfortable pose but also riskier as it causes your lashes to rub against the pillow. Sleeping on the side might be okay if you rest your head at the edge of the pillow, but are you sure you can maintain that your head won’t move during the sleep? 

Sleeping with eyelash extensions can be challenging since you are unconscious while you are falling asleep. If you are stuck making this adjustment, consider investing in a specific pillow for lash extension wearers.  

Silk pillow:

Thanks to its soft and smooth surface, your lashes are less likely to be tugged off if they rub against it. Instead, your lashes will just glide on the surface and stay intact during bedtime. However, you should still avoid sleeping on your stomach as much as you can. This pillow cannot ensure that your lashes can withstand the force of your head on them. 

Barrier pillow:

This type of pillow is specially designed to encourage back sleeping with two barriers on the sides. For those who are tossing and turning more than you should, it will retain your head and neck’s position throughout the night and protect your lash extensions from harsh touches. 

U-shaped side pillow:

For side sleepers, this lash extension pillow is the way to go. The hollow space between the U-shape provides the perfect amount of space that your lashes need. 

2. Use protective mask

If you find changing your bedtime position impossible, a protective mask is a great alternative to better sleeping with eyelash extensions. This mask is specifically designed for those who have eyelash extensions – called a contoured mask. With this eye mask, your lashes won’t be in direct contact with the fabric. Now, keeping lash extensions intact while sleeping is a piece of cake. 

3. Clean your lashes before bedtime

After a long day of throwing yourself out there, your lashes should be sanitized properly, just like your skin. Use a gentle eyelash extension cleanser to remove all the dust and oil on your lashes on a daily basis, such as a lash shampoo. No oil and dust building up on lash extensions means they are much less likely to fall out. 

It’s worth noting that the quality of the lash shampoo is of the utmost importance when it comes to cleaning lash extensions. For more detail on how to choose the best lash shampoo

4. Skincare products

Do you know that oily products are an enemy of lash extensions? Applying heavy skincare products or eye cream near your lashes can make them oily, break the bond between natural lashes and extensions, and cause them to fall out. Therefore, if you use oil-free skincare products, that’s great; if not, avoid putting them on around the eyes. 

5. Brush your lashes

Like buildups, tangles and clumps can cause lashes to easily leave your eyes. Brushing your lashes regularly, especially before bedtime, to avoid unwelcome clumping and keep a healthy, strong, and pretty appearance.   

eyelash brush
 6. Avoid sleeping with wet eyelashes

Wet eyelash extensions are more prone to damage and twisting during sleep. When sleeping with eyelash extensions, unconscious eye rubbing, tossing and turning on wet lashes can cause the extensions to become misaligned or tangled, leading to poor retention or even premature shedding.

Conclusion – Sleeping with lash extensions

In the eyelash extension aftercare period, sleeping with eyelash extensions is considered to require the most concern from lash wearers. Like any habit, it’s hard to change at first, but over time, you can settle into it without any effort. 

Upon putting on lash extensions, your life will change a lot. Not only is your appearance enhanced, but your routine is also a bit different. Still, it’s a journey worth trying. 

As an experienced manufacturer in the lash field for years, Easynicelash has been a reliable friend to thousands of lash fans. We understand your needs and desires; always try to diversify and improve lash products to suit them.

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