Colored eyelash extensions wholesale for festive season

Life is boring to wear eyelash extensions with only black. Make it more vibrant by adding a dash of color to the lashes, and witness how your life will change! There’s no going back once you see how it transforms! In this post, we’ll help you to figure out which occasion you should go with colored eyelashes. colored eyelash extensions wholesale

Multi-color eyelash extensions are a great choice for special occasions, concerts, summertime fun, holidays, and so on. The more color and sparkle involved in such joyful events, the better. Choose any color combination and any pattern to create a pleasing impact on your eyes. Match your lashes to your costume and face make-up if you’re going to a costume party, because why not? Colorful lashes provide a unique aspect to your style, allowing you to stand out in the crowd. We’ve got all your favorite colors for every holiday or themed special occasion. Now is the time to style with multi-color eyelash extensions.

1. Easter

Easter is one of the most precious events of the year to honor tradition and spend quality time with friends and family.  It’s also time for social gathering and resting. To many beauty lovers, it’s the perfect period to try on a new look. There are three main Easter colors including purple, gold and white, you can create a unique make-up look based on theme color to celebrate this day. Rock Easter with multi-color eyelash extension!!!

2. Christmas

Christmas is our next reason to celebrate after Easter Day. We’ll already be dressed in our favorite green and red, but how about a set of themed lashes to go with it? Easynicelash is offering green and red color eyelash extensions just in time for the festivities. We’re proud to offer colored eyelash extensions wholesale options including seasonal and custom colors. Now it’s time to get into Christmas vibe

3. Summer vacation

Summer is around the corner. It’s a season of parties and music festivals. They are the perfect time to experiment with multi-colored eyelash extensions you might not dare to try on a regular day. Level up your make-up with a full set of bold color or even a little pop at the corner of your eyelash set, it’ll definitely help you to draw much attention. Summer is the season where all colors seem more vibrant, saturated and strong. Especially, the sun is at its top, colors like yellow, orange, green, blue, pink just pop your eye pop a bit more than the other colors. Luckily we got all the colors for you.


Halloween is one of the season’s best perks. It’s  the chance to try out a unique make-up look. If you’re looking for a set of eyelash extensions matching your custom, we’re proud to introduce to you our pumpkin eyelash which will help you perfect your look ready for trick and treat season.

5. New year

Eyes can speak a thousand words and have the power to captivate the heartfelt emotions of your soul. Don’t miss the chance to express yourself with a different look. Let’s start a new year with a multi-color eyelash set and enjoy the surprise and joyful moment.

6. Valentine Day

When it comes to doing a special Valentine’s Day makeup look for a date, Pink, purple and red are obviously the best pick for a theme day. Whether you’ve got a hot date lined up or you’re single, you deserve to treat yourself to a glam Valentine’s Day makeup. This special day, give your eyes a special new look with multi-color eyelash extensions.

There is no one-size-fit-all concept when it comes to the beauty world. If you like multi-colored eyelash extensions, just go and get it. You don’t need to wait for any special occasion just to wear what you like at all.

Each of our colored lash is made of cruelty-free Korean PBT fiber, which maintains a natural look and feel comfortable to wear. Because our multi-colored lash extensions are applied individually to each real eyelash, you decide whether you want to blend subtle style to your natural-tones set or go out with a full set of bold color. If you get confused with mixing and matching colored lash, don’t worry we’ve already had a dozen of recommendations for you.

The bottom line

Multi-color eyelash extensions are definitely a fun choice. Whatever color you’d like, EasyniceLash has got you covered. As one of the leading colored eyelash extensions wholesale suppliers in Vietnam,we have tons of color options for all of your needs, and can customize to achieve your desired look.