How to wash face with eyelash extensions

So, you’ve got those gorgeous extensions, and you want to keep them looking fabulous, right? Washing your face is a must, but you don’t know how to wash face with eyelash extensions? Don’t worry – we’ve got your back with some super easy and friendly tips to make sure your lashes stay on point!


I. The Importance of Proper Face Washing with Eyelash Extensions

Ensuring your lash extensions stay stunning involves more than just aesthetics – it’s about hygiene and care. The process of washing your face with eyelash extensions is often misunderstood. 

Let’s debunk the myths and clarify that, with proper techniques and gentle cleansers, your extensions stay secure. Embrace the simplicity of daily cleaning, choosing lash-friendly products, and wave goodbye to concerns. 

Clean lashes aren’t just beautiful; they’re a healthy daily ritual. Dive into a routine that effortlessly maintains the radiance of your lashes.

Tips to wash face with eyelash extensions

II. Step-by-Step Guide: How to wash face with eyelash extensions

Step 1: Gentle Eye Makeup Removal

Say goodbye to your eye makeup using a lint-free paper towel and an oil-free makeup remover. Cut the paper towel into small squares, saturate with remover or micellar water, and wrap your lashes gently. 

No rubbing – just press and hold for a few seconds. 

Next, moving to the eye area to clean with the leftover makeup remover. Remember DON’T touch the lashes. Keep doing it until your eyes are totally fresh.


  • Ensure you avoid cotton products, as lint can tangle with your extensions.
  • Use a makeup remover without oils, as it doesn’t affect the adhesive bond of the extensions. 

Step 2: Oil-Free Facial Cleanse

Dispense a generous amount of your favorite oil-free facial cleanser into your palms. Massage it onto your cheeks, forehead, chin, and neck in a circular motion. Steer clear of rubbing your precious eyelash extensions.

Step 3: Gentle Face Rinse

Rinse your face with cold or lukewarm water. Cup your hands to create a water scoop and gently wet your face to remove any remaining makeup or cleanser. Gentle is the key – no aggressive splashing, especially if you’re in the shower.

Step 4: Optional Extension Cleanse

If you’re feeling extra, clean your eyelash extensions for optimal hygiene. Use a lash-safe cleanser, gently coat your lashes, and rinse with care. Daily cleansing helps prevent bacteria buildup without weakening the lash glue.

Step 5: Delicate Drying Time

Let your face and lashes dry thoroughly before hitting the pillow. You can air-dry, use a lint-free towel to pat gently, or employ a cool and low setting on a blow dryer. The key is to be patient and gentle to preserve those fabulous lashes.

With your face, don’t over-dry it. Leave it slightly damp for better absorption of your next skincare products.

Following these steps you will now how to wash face with eyelash extensions, ensures your face stays fresh, your lashes stay luscious, and you go to bed feeling fabulous. Happy washing!

III. Timing: When Can You Wash Your Face After Lash Extensions?

To ensure a clear understanding, it’s crucial to know the optimal time for washing your face after getting lash extensions. Forget the outdated advice of waiting 24 or 48 hours; the current standard is just 4 hours post-lash extension application. 

This short wait allows the lash glue to fully cure and become water-resistant. Dispelling myths about extended waiting times ensures proper lash care and seamlessly incorporates face washing into your beauty routine.

IV. Choosing the Right Face Wash for Eyelash Extensions

Keeping your eyelash extensions in top-notch condition boils down to one key rule: stay away from oil

How to wash face with eyelash extensions? You must remember skip cleansers with oils. These oils can mess with the glue, making your extensions fall out sooner than expected. Instead, go for oil-free, foaming, or gel cleansers, especially those crafted for sensitive skin. 

These options ensure a thorough cleaning without risking the lifespan of your lash extensions. Following this advice not only safeguards your lovely lashes but also promotes their overall health and lasting charm.

V. Frequently asked questions about how to wash face with eyelash extensions

Q: Can I wash my face in the shower with eyelash extensions?

Absolutely! Showering with eyelash extensions is safe, but it’s crucial to be cautious. Ensure the water isn’t directly hitting your face—use a handheld showerhead or wear goggles for added protection.

Q: Is it safe to use soaps on my face with eyelash extensions?

Traditional soaps can be harsh on both your skin and extensions. Gentle cleansers that produce minimal foam are preferable, as they won’t strip your skin of its natural moisture.

Q: How should I brush my lashes after washing my face?

Brush your lashes gently once they are at least semi-dry after washing. Regular combing helps detangle your lashes, preventing unnecessary stress and potential lash loss.

Q: Can I use a powerful shower head when washing my face with lash extensions?

Be cautious with high water pressure, especially if you have a powerful showerhead. Instead of directing the stream onto your face, use your hands to splash water gently.

Remember, maintaining your eyelash extensions is a blend of gentle care and thoughtful practices. If you have more questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below!

To sum it up, we help you answer the question “how to wash face with eyelash extensions”. Follow these easy steps daily: gently remove eye makeup, cleanse with a lash-friendly product, rinse carefully, and let your face and lashes air dry or pat with a soft towel. Avoid oil-based products and harsh treatments for a seamless lash care routine. 

By dispelling myths and answering common questions, we’ve made caring for your lashes a breeze. Embrace the simplicity, and enjoy effortlessly gorgeous lashes every day! Cheers to the beauty of simplicity in your lash care routine!