Is It safe to get eyelash extensions while pregnant?

For many, going for eyelash extensions is an important part of your beauty regimen and probably becomes your ritual. But once you find out that you’re pregnant, everything you do or eat once seems routine, maybe called into question. As many physical changes during pregnancy, you might wonder if it is safe or not to get eyelash extensions. lash supplies


So can you get eyelash extensions while you’re pregnant?

    First we need to acknowledge the basic of eyelash extensions.

    Eyelash extensions are a non-invasive cosmetic procedure and aren’t dangerously toxic, so it’s safe for mother-to-be. But If you’re still concerned about the potential harmful effect on your baby, you should go for a consultation with a certificated physician before getting lashes.

    Basically, lash extensions are cosmetic applications that enhance the length, curl, and thickness of natural lashes by attaching semi-permanent synthetic fiber to lashes using specific glue. For non-pregnant women, the application process is totally safe as lash extensions are attached to the lash hair not skin, so it is less likely for you to be exposed to the chemical components. Those who are expecting, however, may face considerable hazards (i.e allergies) when lashes are not applied properly, but it’s just a case. If you are a first-time mom as well as the first time lash client, you might need to consider. For ones, who have had lash extensions before without issues, they’re likely to be ok to keep doing without risk of allergy. Anyway, to prevent the unwanted cases, you should choose the trusted lash supplies as well as legit lash tech. After all, your health and you baby must come first.

    There are two components that you should look into before getting eyelash extensions while pregnant.

The first one is glue

    Most allergic reactions occur due to glue. To understand how glue potentially triggers allergic reactions, we need to break down the composition of it. There are multiple products that are used in eyelash glue such as adhesive ingredients, thickness agent, stabilizing agent and other compounds. There is a very small chance that you could develop an eyelash glue irritation, but this could happen anytime. Some symptoms you might experience such as redness, flaky skin or the puffiness of the eyelids. Make sure to use the high-quality glue or sensitive ones to avoid the chance of getting allergy.

The second is lash material

     Some lash artists might use lashes that contain formaldehyde. In case you’ve not acknowledged, formaldehyde is the main factor driving your allergy concerns and not everyone can stand its smell. You’re better off checking the origin as well as ingredients of lash supplies before heading for an eyelash set.

Do a patch test

    Although the lash extensions allergy is common, it’s necessary for mom-to-be or even the first time lash client to take a patch test known as short trial of the official eyelash full set application to avoid any convenience.

Sitting position

    Most people have no problem with laying on their back for 2 hours but when you’re pregnant, it might be a risky position. The gravida shouldn’t lay down on her back after 20 weeks of pregnancy for a long period ò time. When you’re belly-up, the weight of your baby can compress a major blood vessel, which can make you feel dizzy and out of breath.

    Anyway, there’s always a solution. You can lie down on your side. Make sure to ask lash tech for a knee-pillow so that your experience will be more comfortable and safe. You also need more breaks to sit up and stretch. In the period of pregnancy, you might experience many bathroom trips, don’t delay or try to hold it, which is not good for your baby-to-be.

More touch-ups

    During the time of pregnancy, hormonal imbalance is quite noticeable and can cause lash hair to grow and lose faster as well. This might have an impact on how well the lash extensions are retained. You may have to visit the studio more often than you expect to touchups your perfect lash set.

As one of the most leading eyelash manufacturers for years, client’s safety and product quality are on our top priority. We all know that pregnancy is a beautiful experience and we wish to pamper and spoil our lash lovers with the best lashes. lash supplies

The Takeaway

    Pregnancy is a special moment in any woman’s life and you might get through a lot of physical changes, even though you might not be feeling your best. Don’t forget to give yourself time for some self-care. If getting eyelash extensions helps you feel better, go for it. Getting eyelash extensions while pregnant isn’t likely going to harm your baby. But as a warning, there is still a chance when you get allergic reactions. You can avoid it by consulting with certificated tech as well as double-check on the lash materials.

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