Itchy Eyelash – How to Get Rid of It

Do you find yourself dealing with the annoying itchiness of your eyelashes, especially after getting those fabulous lash extensions? Fret not! We’ve got your back with a comprehensive guide on why your lashes might be itching and, more importantly, how to bid farewell to that pesky discomfort.

Possible Reasons Behind Itchy Eyelashes

Itchy eyelashes can stem from various factors, whether you’ve just had eyelash extensions or not. Below are the common reasons behind this.

1. Exposure to Formaldehyde Fumes: 

Itchy eyelashes may result from exposure to formaldehyde fumes during the curing process of lash adhesive. To minimize this, ensure proper ventilation during your lash appointment and opt for a low-fume adhesive.

After you get itchy eyelashes

                      A customer gets itchy eyelashes after extensions

2. Allergies to Lash Glue Ingredients: 

Allergic reactions to lash glue ingredients like carbon black, latex, and formaldehyde can lead to persistent itching. If symptoms persist after 24 hours or worsen, consult a healthcare professional and consider removing the extensions.

3. Poor Application Technique: 

A less-than-ideal application technique, such as gluing extensions to the skin or multiple lashes sticking together, can cause inflammation, redness, and itching.       4. Inadequate Aftercare: 

Itchy lash extensions can result from poor aftercare habits, including rubbing your eyes, using oily products, wearing waterproof mascara, sleeping face down, and not being gentle during cleansing.

5. Sharp or Improperly Sized Extensions: 

Eyelash extensions with a sharp, needle-like base or those of incorrect size for your eye shape may cause irritation and discomfort, emphasizing the importance of selecting suitable lash styles.

Proper Care for Itch-Free Lashes

Avoid Getting Them Wet for 48 Hours:

Give your lashes time to set by avoiding swimming, showers, or eye washing for the first 48 hours after application.

Avoid Rubbing or Touching:

Excessive touching can shift or damage your extensions. Opt for gentle cleansing and avoid unnecessary friction.

Avoid Oil-Based Products:

Oil-based makeup and skincare products can break down adhesive. Check ingredients and opt for oil-free alternatives.

Sleep Smart:

Sleep on your back to prevent smashing your extensions. Avoid sleeping directly on your stomach or side.

Clean Regularly:

Clean your extensions every three days with a gentle lash cleanser or by rinsing them gently in the shower. Proper maintenance reduces the risk of itching.

How to avoid itchy eyelashes

Itchy Eyelashes - How to get rid of it

To keep your lash extensions itch-free, follow these simple steps:

  • Choose a Certified Professional:
    • Look for a NovaLash-certified eyelash extension professional in your area.
    • Ensure they use high-quality products and have proper training.
  • Check the Treatment Room:
    • Before the application, inspect the treatment room for evidence of non-NovaLash adhesives.
    • Many artists opt for cheaper alternatives; make sure you’re getting quality.
  • Ask About Adhesive and Safety Tests:
    • Inquire about the adhesive being used.
    • Ask for tests proving the adhesive’s safety.
  • Right Size Matters:
    • Request individual lashes that are the right size for your eyes.
    • Incorrectly sized lashes can cause irritation and itchiness.
  • Opt for Hypoallergenic Lash Glue:
    • Choose a hypoallergenic lash glue designed for sensitive eyes.
    • It seals in moisture and reduces the risk of allergic reactions.
    • EasyniceLash offer invisible lash adhesive that might suits your need.
  • Post-Procedure Care:
    • Use a gentle cleanser daily to keep your lashes clean and bacteria-free.
    • Proper maintenance helps prevent itchiness and ensures long-lasting comfort.

By following these easy steps, you can enjoy beautiful lash extensions without the hassle of the itchy eyelash.

In wrapping it up, having gorgeous lash extensions is awesome, but dealing with itchy eyelashes isn’t fun. To keep your lashes comfy, remember these easy steps: pick a good professional, ask about the glue, get the right-sized lashes, use hypoallergenic glue, and take care of them after.

Avoid water, don’t rub too much, skip oily stuff, sleep smart, and clean them regularly. By doing these things, you can enjoy your lash extensions without the hassle of annoying itchy eyelashes. So, follow these tips, say goodbye to discomfort, and hello to fabulous, itch-free lashes!


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