Lash shed vs bad retention, what is the difference?

For anyone diving into the world of eyelash extensions, understanding the nuances between natural lash shed vs bad retention is crucial. Let’s explore the distinctions between these two phenomena, making it simpler to grasp

1. Lash Shedding:

What is it?

Lash shedding is a natural and ongoing process where your eyelashes, both natural and extended, naturally fall out. On average, individuals lose about 3-5 lashes daily. It’s your body’s way of renewing and regenerating lashes, much like the shedding of head hair.

Normalcy in Motion

Embrace the fact that losing a few lashes each day is entirely normal. Think of it as a continuous cycle of renewal, ensuring your lashes stay healthy and robust. Lash artists come into play by minimizing the impact of shedding between fill appointments, ensuring that the overall loss remains relatively low.

2. Bad Retention:

What is it?

Bad retention, on the other hand, is when lash extensions don’t stick around as long as they should. It’s a scenario where the lashes prematurely bid farewell before their scheduled time, impacting both your business and client satisfaction.

Understanding the Culprits:

Poor lash retention can be attributed to various factors such as inadequate application techniques, the use of outdated lash adhesive, or even selecting lashes that are too heavy for your natural ones. It’s essential to recognize these issues to address them effectively.

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3. Lash shed vs bad retention – comparing

Nature’s Course vs. Unwanted Departure:

Lash Shedding: A natural and essential part of your body’s regeneration process.
Bad Retention: An undesired situation where lash extensions don’t stick around due to various factors.

Daily Acceptance vs. Anomalies:

Lash Shedding: Acknowledged as a normal occurrence with a daily loss of a few lashes.
Bad Retention: A deviation from the expected lifespan of lash extensions, signaling potential issues.

Continuous Renewal vs. Untimely Goodbyes:

Lash Shedding: Represents the ongoing renewal of lashes, ensuring overall lash health.
Bad Retention: Indicates a need for investigation into application techniques, adhesive quality, or lash weight.

Understanding the difference between lash shed vs bad retention is pivotal for both lash artists and clients. While lash shedding is a natural and unavoidable process, bad retention signals a need for corrective action. By comprehending these distinctions, you empower yourself to navigate the world of eyelash extensions with confidence, ensuring longer-lasting and more satisfying results.

Remember, daily lash shedding is your body’s way of maintaining health, but when it comes to your extended lashes, keeping them around requires a keen eye on application techniques and product quality.