Swim with eyelash extensions – Can you do it?

Are you a water enthusiast with a passion for poolside relaxation or beachfront bliss? If you’ve recently adorned yourself with the glamor of lash extensions, you might be wondering, Is it possible swimming with eyelash extensions without compromising your fabulous lashes?

The answer is a definite yes, but let’s delve into the intricacies, unveil a few myths, and explore the art of swimming with lash extensions.


1. The Waiting Game:

You’ve just emerged from the lash salon, batting your gorgeous lash extensions, and the water is calling your name. But hold on – there’s a waiting period you should be aware of. 

The first 24 hours post-application are crucial. During this time, the lash adhesive is setting and forming a robust bond between your natural lashes and the extensions.

This waiting game is like letting a delicate flower bloom; patience is the secret ingredient. It ensures that your lash extensions stay put and provide that voluminous, fluttery effect you adore.

2. Once the Clock Strikes 24 – Time to enjoy swimming with eyelash extensions

Congratulations, you’ve successfully navigated the waiting period! Now, it’s time to make a splash. After the initial 24 hours, your lash extensions are primed for aquatic adventures. Whether you’re planning a dip in the pool or a beach day, your lashes are ready to face the water world head-on.

Now that your lash game has had its moment to bloom, feel free to enjoy a refreshing swim. However, when venturing into the pool, be cautious of chlorine, which can have a weakening effect on the glue. While saltwater pools are kinder, they still pose a risk to extension adhesive. 

Prefer freshwater havens like lakes and natural swimming pools for lash-friendly swims. They’re gentle on extensions and protect your skin, avoiding the pitfalls of salt and chlorine pools. Opt for the serene touch of natural waters to keep your lashes intact and beautiful.

Natural swimming pool

In general, to mitigate risks, there are a few tips and tricks to maintain those flawless lashes.

3. Tips and Tricks when Swimming with eyelash extensions:

Goggles are Your Allies:

Elevate your swimwear game with a stylish pair of goggles. Not only do they protect your eyes from chlorine or saltwater irritation, but they also shield your lashes from unnecessary tugging. 

swimming with eyelash extensions - remember you goggles

Pro tip: Loosen those goggle straps to avoid direct pressure on your freshly done lashes.

Mascara-Free Zone:

Ditch the mascara for a hassle-free swim with your extensions. Waterproof mascaras, often recommended for water activities, can smudge. Also, removing mascara can get tricky, and the strong formula might cause your lashes to stick together, risking damage to your extensions.

Keep it easy and skip the mascara when taking a plunge for lash-friendly fun!

Don’t Rub your eyes

Avoid rubbing your lashes after swimming with eyelash extensions, as it can lead to premature fall-out and loosen attachments. Refrain from rubbing your eyes, as this friction is damaging to both extensions and natural lashes. Even if tempted to wipe away sweat or water, resist the urge to rub. 

Using goggles, as we mentioned, will reduce the risk of rubbing. By avoiding this habit, you help maintain the longevity and secure attachment of your lash extensions, ensuring they stay in excellent condition.


During the summertime, using sunscreen is essential for overall skin protection, but it’s crucial to be mindful when applying it around lash extensions. 

Consider using less sunscreen around the eye area, particularly near the lash line, to prevent oil particles from compromising the adhesive and longevity of your extensions. Instead, opt for stylish sunglasses to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays without exposing your lashes to sunscreen. 

If you’re concerned about protecting the delicate eye area, choose a stick sunscreen over oily skincare products to avoid glue breakdown. This way, you can maintain the health and durability of your lash extensions while ensuring proper sun protection for your eyes.

4. Myth-Busting Magic:

Let’s address some common myths surrounding swimming with eyelash extensions:

Myth #1 – No Swimming Allowed:

Absolutely false! You can dive in aquatic activities after the initial 24-hour waiting period. However, aftercare becomes your lash extension’s best friend.

swimming with eyelash extensions - totally fine

Myth #2 – Waterproof Mascara Magic:

Unfortunately, waterproof mascara won’t save the day underwater. It may even contribute to smudging and compromise your lash extensions. Embrace the mascara-free lifestyle when diving into the water.

Myth #3 – Ruined Lash Extensions:

Fear not! With proper care, your lash extensions will maintain their voluminous appearance even after a day of sun and surf.

5. After the Splash – Lash Aftercare 101:

After swimming with eyelash extensions, giving your lash extensions some tender loving care is crucial for maintaining their allure. Cleaning post-swim is essential to rid your lashes of salt or chlorine, preserving the adhesive bond.

Opt for an oil-free cleanser designed explicitly for extensions to avoid harming the adhesive. 

You can either create a foamy mix using the cleanser and distilled water in a bottle or apply a few drops directly to your clean hand, creating foam with a soft makeup brush. 

Gently brush the foam onto your lash extensions, ensuring thorough coverage, and rinse with water. If your water escapade took you to a freshwater lake, a full clean can wait until evening. 

However, for ocean or pool swims, a quick rinse with tap or bottled water is advised. Keep it splashy at the pool or carry a water bottle to pour over your lashes after each dip at the beach. 

For a comprehensive clean at day’s end, use a lash-safe cleanser and brush, emphasizing the removal of debris, oils, and sweat to uphold your extensions’ cleanliness and your eye health. Dive into proper aftercare with our Lash Shampoo for a splash of brilliance!

6. How to dry wet eyelash extensions after swimming with eyelash extensions?

To effectively dry wet eyelash extensions after swimming, it’s crucial to act promptly to maintain their integrity. After a dip, rinse, or cleansing, avoid leaving your lashes wet, as the excess water can make them uncomfortable and more fragile.

If they’re just slightly damp, let them air dry without touching. For thoroughly wet extensions, gently dab them with a paper towel or a soft microfiber cloth, avoiding any rubbing. Alternatively, use a blow dryer on a cool setting and low pressure, ensuring they’re only lightly damp after cleaning.

Be cautious with cotton pads, as they can cause friction and lead to lash loss. Remember, swift drying is key to preserving your lash extensions, so pat them dry with a gentle touch using a small washcloth or cotton pads as soon as you exit the water, even if the lash adhesive has fully set.

7. The Verdict:

In conclusion, swimming with eyelash extensions isn’t just a possibility; it’s a fabulous reality. Whether you’re a poolside lounger or an ocean explorer, your lash extensions can handle the watery terrain.

By following the waiting period, embracing a mascara-free swim, and practicing proper aftercare, you can confidently make a splash without compromising your lash game.

8. Final Thoughts:

So, as you pack your beach bag, don your favorite swimsuit, and reach for those chic goggles, remember that your lash extensions are ready to steal the show. Dive into the refreshing waters, enjoy the sun, and let your lashes be the star of the aquatic adventure! 

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