The benefits of pro-made fans

It has been a long time since premade fans volume lashes were introduced to the lash market and they have evolved so much with the latest technologies. They have come in different dimensions (3D to 16D) and diameters (0.03 to 0.1) and all of these types of lashes are already available on the market. They even look more perfect than handmade fans in terms of symmetry and spacing between lashes. Therefore, it is not surprising when premade fans have become so popular among lash artists


What are premade fan lashes?

Premade fans lashes are volume lash extensions which have been made ahead of time. The bases of premade fans are sealed together using either glue or heat. That’s why premade volume lashes are divided into two types: heat bonded premade fans and glue bonded premade fans. As we already mentioned above, premade volume lashes come in all shapes, sizes and curls, and fans can range from 2D 0.07 Russian volume fans to 20D 0.03 mega volume fan. Easynicelash promade fan lashes have thin bases which add no weight to your client’s natural lashes. Moreover, our lashes are made from high quality & vegan Korean PBT synthetic fiber which are safe and cause no allergy to your client’s eyes. 

What are the incredible advantages of pre-made fan lashes?

Premade fans are great for lash artists who …

  •       Who are not trained in volume yet but want to offer volume lashes to clients
  •       Who are trained in volume but take too long during application time
  •       Who want to have perfect symmetrical fans and clean results
  •       Who want to cut down lashing time
  •       Who want to attract more clients and increase their income
  •       Who want to create different lash looks from hybrid to mega volume
  •       Who want to offer more luxurious service, charging more per client

Obviously, using premade fans which are already fanned are just like a life saver for struggling lash artists. If your client is tight on time, premade volume lashes are ideal choices to speed up your lashing without sacrificing quality. No matter your skill levels, premade fans are the smart choice when you’re in a time crunch.

Premade fans are great for clients:

  •       Who have very busy schedules and do not have time to spend 2-3 hours for eyelash extensions
  •       Who cannot lie down for a long time (people with bad back or other medical conditions)
  •       Who wants a dramatic volume but don’t have anyone nearby who offer hand-made volume lashes


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