7 common lash retention issues and how to solve t

It’s such a disheartening experience if you put all your effort into making gorgeous lash sets for your clients, but they keep coming back complaining about lash retention issuesBad lash retention can waste a lot of time and money, and worse, the unsettling customer experience could ruin your business results, even if it is not your fault.

In fact, this problem could be caused by either the lash artists or the lash extension wearers themselves. Whatever it is, you will find the solutions to these 7 common lash retention issues helpful.

1. Natural lash health 

Just like hair, not everyone is blessed with naturally strong lashes. In fact, healthy lashes can provide a strong base on which the lash extensions can sit steadily.

The less frequently your lashes shed, the longer your extensions will stay. Moreover, healthy lashes are better at tolerating the adhesive used to apply the extensions. Therefore, if the lash retention is too short, think about the chance of natural lash health problems. It could be that your lashes are becoming weak because of an allergy, infection, trauma, or simply harsh physical force.

To keep your natural lashes healthy, make sure you take proper care of them. The first thing to keep in mind is to always be really gentle on the lashes, especially when removing the makeup. Try to use a gentle makeup remover and a cotton pad or soft cloth, and avoid harsh chemicals such as eyelash perm or dyes. 

A healthy diet and enough sleep are also things that can’t be ignored if you want to maintain a nourishing natural lash set. 


healthy natural lashes improve lash retention


2. Improper application technique

Speeding up the lashing time is important, but the first priority is still quality. Rushing the application process could lead to not only a bad appearance for the whole lash set but also poor retention time. As a lash artist, you won’t let yourself be one of the lash retention issues, right? So, be careful in every step you take.

Make sure to have the natural lashes well prepared before application by using both cream remover and primer and always check if the glue is cured correctly, the lashes are in good isolation, and the lash extensions are adhered in the right place. 


Overall, this depends a lot on your skill level and experience. Keep practicing, and for sure you will manage it well!

3. Aftercare

Appropriate aftercare is as crucial as making the perfect eyelash extension set. Lash extension aftercare is all your clients’ business, but as a lash artist, you need to inform and remind them regularly about the proper routine. 

Many people are used to using oil-based skin care products around the eyes, but when wearing lash extensions, they need to say goodbye to all of them as they can break the bond between the lash extensions and the natural lashes. Besides, lash curlers and waterproof mascara should be avoided, and the lash extensions must be kept dry during the first 24-48 hours after application. 

You should also suggest some lash retention tips for your clients to maintain a strong lash set, such as keeping it clean and neat as well as being gentle all the time.

4. Product quality

There is a high chance that your lash products are among the most common lash retention issues.

The products used during the process have a decisive impact on the retention time. Therefore, it’s advisable that you be picky when it comes to choosing lash extension products. Just imagine you bending your every effort to each lash session and your clients carefully following every single piece of aftercare advice, but all are ruined just because of the low-quality products you choose. When choosing products for lashes, be generous, and it will be worth it, we promise.

Read the review carefully and choose manufacturers with a good reputation. They are always willing to send you a sample to check out. You might not be able to find the most suitable one the first time, but it’s a trial-and-error process. Keep going, and you will get it.

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5. Poor-quality adhesive

Maybe the product of most lash artist’s concern is lash adhesive because it directly impacts the retention time of lash extensions. Using a low-quality adhesive can result in poor retention, as it may not have a strong enough hold to keep the extensions in place. 

Choosing the best lash extension glue for retention is such a daunting task, we know! Searching for a well-known brand is one thing, knowing which to pick among thousands of types is another. So, we recommend you consult with the lash pro if you are not sure, and try to read up on lash extension retention tips to choose the right lash glue. 

6. Environmental factors

Temperature and humidity are two factors affecting the result of lash glue and causing lash retention issues. Therefore, if the retention time is too short, you might need to check if your lash studio is in a suitable condition for lash glue to cure correctly.

7. Client lifestyle

It’s important for clients to be aware of how their lifestyle habits can impact lash retention. Rubbing eyes, sleeping on the stomach, using oil-based skincare products, etc. could be one of the main lash retention issues. Therefore, it’s better to advise your clients to get rid of them when having lash extensions on. Lifestyles can’t be changed in one or two days, and the key is to be patient. You can suggest them having family members or colleagues remind them regularly. 

Final thought on lash retention issues

Overall, lash retention issues could result from many factors, including: the lash artists’ skills, the wearers themselves, or other objective reasons. Eliminating all of these requires time and money, but in the long run, you will find it is worth it. Better retention means more earnings coming into your pocket.