Easynice Rewards Program

Join the Easynicelash Rewards Membership program and start earning lash points! As a member, you'll have the opportunity to accumulate points and enjoy exclusive benefits designed to enhance your experience with us. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to get even more from your Easynicelash journey!

What Are The Perks ?

With our Easynice Rewards Membership program, you can redeem your hard-earned LashPoints for fantastic discounts! Exchange 500 LashPoints for a $5 off coupon, 1,000 LashPoints for a $10 off coupon, or 2,500 LashPoints for an impressive $25 off coupon. Start earning points today and enjoy these incredible savings on your favorite Easynice products!

How to Earn LashPoints?

Earning LashPoints with Easynice Rewards Membership is simple! Sign up to get 200 points, then earn more by placing orders, engaging with us on Facebook and Instagram, or reviewing products. Accumulate points to enjoy fantastic discounts on your favorite Easynice offerings!