Can you wear glasses while having lash extensions?

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on achieving mesmerizing lashes while confidently wearing your favorite eyeglasses! We recognize that many people wonder if they can have lash extensions with glasses. 

The answer? Totally, YES. This blog will shed light on everything you need to know about how to do it. Let’s dive into the world of lash extensions for glasses wearers!

Can you have lash extensions with glasses at the same time?

Definitely! Wearing both lash extensions and glasses simultaneously is totally doable with a few smart choices. Concerned about potential interference? Fear not! 

While your lashes and glasses won’t damage each other, it’s wise to pick lash styles that won’t tickle the rims of your glasses and cause irritation. Opting for the right length of extensions to avoid any unwanted brushing against your glasses. 

A crucial step is consulting your experienced lash technician, who can measure the distance between your eyes and glasses, ensuring the ideal lash length. Worried about hitting the right balance? 

No problem! Your high technician lash artist can design a customized lash mapping, guiding the selection of lengths for a perfect set of lash extensions. Remember to bring your glasses to the lash appointment for the ultimate tailored lash experience. 

In essence, combining lash extensions with glasses is not only feasible but also an opportunity for a flawless and personalized look!

Choosing the Right Length and Curl

Choosing the right lash length when wearing glasses is key to a comfortable and stylish look. Opting for shorter false lashes, ideally 1~2 mm longer than your natural lashes, ensures a friendly fit with your glasses. 

This not only provides ample room for blinking without touching the glasses lens but also avoids interference with your frame. When it comes to curls, go for C or D curls instead of J or B curls if you wear glasses, as curlier extensions are less likely to make contact. 

lash extensions with glasses, choosing the right curl and lengthThis thoughtful selection creates a more open-eyed look, allowing your eyelashes to blink freely without any hassle. Keep in mind that individual results may vary based on your eye shape and how closely your eyewear sits to your eyes. 

Ultimately, the goal is to find lengths and curls that harmonize seamlessly with your glasses for a polished and comfortable appearance.

How to wear glasses when having lash extensions?

To rock lash extensions with glasses, just remember: where you put your glasses matters! Bring them to your lash appointment and make sure they sit comfortably on your nose, not too close to your lashes. 

If they rub against your lashes, it’s a no-go. Striking a balance is key – find the right lash style that won’t clash with your glasses. 

Whether you’re into sunglasses or prescription glasses, keep a sweet distance for both clear vision and fab lash beauty. It’s all about that perfect combo, giving you a seamless blend of comfort and incredible lash glam!

Longevity and maintenance lash extensions with glasses

Curious about how long your lash extensions will last with glasses? The good news is that glasses can act as a shield, protecting your lashes from external stressors. 

Cleaning lash gently everyday by lash shampoo , avoid rubbing your lashes and contacting with hot impacts. With proper care, your lashes will stay fabulous longer, giving you the confidence to rock your glasses every day. 

In a nutshell, you can absolutely rock lash extensions with glasses! Choose the right length and curl, consult your lash technician, and maintain a sweet distance between your lashes and glasses.

Glasses can even act as a shield, protecting your lashes. Let’s cheers to flawless looks and eyeglass Easynice!