Compare classic lashes & Flat lashes

Are you consider between classic vs flat lashes, wondering which lash extension is the right fit for your clients? Dive into the world of lash extensions as we unravel the differences between classic and flat lashes, exposing the secrets to achieving bold, dramatic sets without compromising natural lash health.
1. What are Classic Lashes?

Classic lashes, also known as ‘mink’ or ‘silk’ lashes, are the go-to lash extension for beginners. Applied using the 1:1 technique, these lashes provide a natural look. They come in various diameters, with 0.15mm being the most popular. Classic lashes are versatile and cater to different natural lash types, offering a standard choice for lash artists.

2. What are Flat Lashes?

Flat lashes, also called ‘ellipse’ or ‘cashmere’ lashes, share the 1:1 application technique with classic lashes but differ in shape. The flat, oval base of these lashes brings unique advantages, including increased retention, ultra-lightweight feel, easier application, and super soft tips with a matte finish.

Shape of classic vs flat lashes

    • Classic Lashes: Rounded, circular base.
    • Flat Lashes: Flatter, more oval shape provides better retention.
Benefits of Using Flat Lashes
  • Increased Retention: The oval-shaped base of flat lashes creates a larger bonding point for adhesive, enhancing lash retention. If you want to experience lashes with 40% increased retention time, you can try our ultra super flat


  • Ultra-lightweight: Weighing less than classic lashes, flat lashes are perfect for clients with weak, short, fine, or damaged natural lashes.
  • Easier Application: The flatter base and enlarged bonding area make flat lashes easier to apply, ensuring a better bond with natural lashes.
  • Super Soft Tips with a Matte Finish: Crafted with advanced technology, flat lashes offer an extra soft feel and a luxurious matte finish, providing comfort and a natural, fluffy effect.
How to Rock Flat Lashes
  • Apply flat lashes from the top or bottom of natural lashes for optimal retention—avoid applying from the side due to their flat shape.
  • Create textured hybrid sets by blending flat lashes and premade fans for a wispy, strip lash-like look.
In Conclusion

Classic lashes are a standard choice for a natural and tidy look, commonly used by lash technicians. However, flat lashes, with their unique benefits, including dramatic results without compromising lash health, offer a compelling option. Experimenting with flat lashes allows you to provide clients with diverse options, striking the perfect balance between drama and lightweight elegance.

In your lash extension journey, consider the versatility of classic lashes and the innovative advantages of flat lashes, ensuring you offer a range of choices to cater to every client’s unique preferences. Elevate your lash game by exploring the world of classic vs flat lashes, unlocking the secrets to impeccable lash artistry!