Fox eyelashes – The ultimate guide

In the beauty trends, the captivating allure of fox eyelashes has seized the spotlight recently. Popularized by celebrities like Bella Hadid and Megan Fox, this look imparts a hot, lifted appearance to the eyes.

To make this mesmerizing look accessible, many are turning to the world of fox eyelash extensions. This comprehensive guide explores everything you need to know to master the art of fox eyes.

Bella Hadid - fox eyelashes look

Understanding Fox Eyelashes

Fox eyelash extensions, as the name implies, are a lash extension style crafted to enhance the eyes, providing a more elongated and almond-shaped appearance.

The goal is to mimic the captivating shape of a fox’s eyes through precise mapping and strategic placement of individual synthetic lashes. This style boasts a natural and flirtatious expression, featuring longer lashes in the outer corners without excessive length.

Fox eyelashes look natural because they’re designed with a bit of irregularity and asymmetry. This means they’re not perfectly uniform, which actually enhances owers’ natural appearance.

This effect is particularly noticeable if your eyes are closer together. So, if you’re aiming for a more natural look that complements your eye shape, fox lashes might be the perfect choice for you!

Achieving Fox Eyelashes with Eyelash Extensions

Creating stunning fox eyes with eyelash extensions is an art that depends on careful choices. To get that perfect fox eye look, choose L curls for a classic fox eye or C, B, or M curls for a more natural appearance.

The key is to pick the right length, thickness, and curl for your extensions. Use mapping techniques by placing shorter lashes in the inner corners and gradually lengthening them toward the outer corners to achieve a seamless blend that suits different eye shapes.

When applying Fox Lashes, consider factors like material, diameter, length, color, and most importantly, the curl choice.

Whether it’s the natural curve of J-curl, the thickness-adding B-Curl, the eye-enlarging C Curl, or the strong curve of L Curl, each curl contributes uniquely to achieving that captivating fox eye look.

Distinguishing Fox Eyelash Extensions from Cat Eye Lash Extensions:

Fox eyelash extensions and cat eyelash extensions share a striking resemblance, often causing confusion among technicians. Both serve the common purpose of elongating and shaping the eyes, creating an almond-shaped allure with a touch of drama.

The primary difference lies in the choice of curls. Achieving the captivating foxy eye effect requires L curls for fox eyelash extensions, while cat eye lash extensions employ J, M, and C curls.

Cat eyelash extensions typically boast a more feathery and curled-up appearance, whereas fox eyelash extensions offer a uniform look with a subtler curl. Understanding this curl distinction is key to achieving the desired eye-enhancing effect.

If you want to understand cat eyes more clearly, we have an article for you to discover.

Fox Eyelashes Mapping

Achieving the perfect fox eye lash extensions involves a precise technique known as lash mapping. Here’s a simplified guide to mastering the art of fox eyes lash mapping:

1. Start with the Shortest Lashes: 6mm or 7mm in the Inner Corners
Begin by choosing the shortest lash extensions, usually 6mm or 7mm, for the inner corners of the eyes. This sets a natural and balanced foundation, opening up the eyes.

2. Gradually Lengthen Towards the Outer Corners: 12mm and 13mm
Move outward and increase lash length gradually. Opt for longer extensions like 12mm and 13mm for the outer corners, adding drama and emphasizing the fox eye effect.

3. Follow the Natural Curve of the Eye
Success in fox eyes lash mapping depends on following the eye’s natural curve. Ensure lashes gracefully adhere to the eye’s contour for a seamless blend with the client’s natural lash line, achieving a soft yet elongated appearance.

4. Creating a Soft but Elongated Effect
The goal is to achieve a soft yet elongated effect. Carefully select lashes that mirror the eye’s natural shape, progressively lengthening them towards the outer corners. This technique captivates the eyes while maintaining gracefulness.

5. Best Mapping Option: For a versatile approach suitable for most clients, consider the following distribution:

  • Inner Corners: 6mm or 7mm
  • Midsection: Gradually transition to 9mm and 10mm
  • Outer Corners: Finish with 12mm and 13mm

This balanced mapping ensures a well-proportioned and flattering fox eyelash extension look. While it’s crucial to customize based on the individual’s eye shape, this approach provides a solid starting point.

Who Does It Suit Best?

1. Almond Eyes:

  • Characteristics: Eyes with an oval shape, tapering at the outer corners.
  • Fox Eye Benefit: Fox eye extensions can be tailored to accentuate almond eyes, ensuring a harmonious and alluring look without excessive elongation.

2. Close-set Eyes:

  • Characteristics: Eyes that are positioned closer together.
  • Fox Eye Benefit: Fox eye extensions help open up close-set eyes, creating a more balanced and wide-set appearance.

3. Upturned or Downturned Eyes:

  • Characteristics: Upturned eyes have a natural lift, while downturned eyes slope downward at the outer corners.
  • Fox Eye Benefit: Fox eye extensions enhance the shape of upturned eyes and complement downturned eyes when applied with moderation in length at the outer corners.

4. Round Eyes:

  • Characteristics: Eyes with a rounded shape.
  • Fox Eye Benefit: Fox eyelashes add more length at the outer corners, transforming round eyes into a more elongated and almond-shaped appearance.

5. Protruding Eyes:

  • Characteristics: Eyes that prominently project forward.
  • Fox Eye Benefit: Fox eye extensions are ideal for creating a dramatic, full look, elongating protruding eyes and giving them a captivating almond shape.

In summary, fox eye eyelash extensions are versatile and suitable for various eye shapes, offering customized enhancements that cater to individual preferences and desired effects.

Who should Not choose fox eyelashes?

1. Deep-set or Asian Eyes

For those with deep-set or Asian eyes, the fox eye trend might not be ideal, as it has the potential to make eyes look even more closed off or deep-set.

2. Monolid or Hooded Eyes

Individuals with monolid or hooded eyes should be cautious with fox eyelashes, as this style can dominate their natural eye shape and emphasize the hooded appearance. Opting for a natural lash extension style or exploring lash styles suited for hooded eyes could be a better fit.

3. Wide-set Eyes

The foxy eye look, by opening up the inner corners of the eyes, may not be the best choice for individuals with wide-set eyes, as it can create the perception of eyes appearing farther apart.