Guideline for clients: Detailed Tips to Clean Eyelash Extension

Clients always expect that their lash extensions will remain long-lasting and fluttering after a long time. This requires a thorough and daily aftercare process at home. To prolong their lashes, clients should clean eyelash extensions daily, which is the most essential aftercare step.

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However, almost all clients do not know about the step-by-step process and notice when cleaning eyelash extensions daily. Therefore, being lash artists and distributors, you should inform them of all important things like the process and some helpful tips to clean their lash extensions properly.

If clients do not clean their lashes daily, they may end up with the following issues and consequences. 

Consequences of not cleaning eyelash extensions

  • Cause serious eye problems

If clients do not clean their eyelash extensions regularly, it may result in serious eye problems. One of the most common issues is blepharitis, which is a type of inflammation of the eyelids. It causes redness, and itching to clients’ eyes and many harmful effects. Irritation and other infections are also harmful symptoms of not cleaning lashes daily.

  • Shorten lash retention and damage natural lashes

Oil, dirt buildup, impurities and makeup residues are the main factors causing premature falloff and damage to natural lashes. They break down the adhesive and reduce the longevity of clients’ fluttering lash lines. Therefore, clients need to fulfill or make a new set more often. They have to spend more money and may get displeased about this.

  • Affect the lash shape

Clients will experience lash loss and tangled lashes if they do not clean their lash extensions. They will make the lash extensions look messy and droopy. The unnatural lash appearance will cause bad experiences for customers and affect their mood. 

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What do clients need to clean eyelash extensions daily?

You can recommend clients prepare the following cleaning kit when they clean their lash extensions at home.

  • Makeup remover
  • Water
  • Lash foam cleanser
  • A lash cleansing brush 
  • A spoolie brush
  • A clean tower

Step-by-step guidelines for clients to clean eyelash extensions

You can refer to the following step-by-step instructions to inform clients of the proper way to clean eyelash extensions daily at home.

  • Wash the hands thoroughly with soap and water. 
  • Use makeup removers to clean the eye makeup. Use makeup micellar water instead of an oil-based remover.
  • Wet the eyes with cool water.
  • Apply a small amount of lash foam cleanser to a lash cleansing brush. 
  • Gently brush the lash brush over the lashes, starting at the base and moving towards the tips. The lash shampoo will help remove oils, makeup residues, dust and debris that damage and weaken the adhesive bond.
  • Pay special attention to the areas where the lashes meet the skin. Cleaning them deeply will avoid irritation and other eye problems for clients.
  • Rinse the lashes thoroughly with clean water. The residues may have a bad effect on the eyes. 
  • Pat the lashes dry with a clean towel. Remind clients to gently dry their eyes. Rubbing their eyes or tugging on the lashes may lead to premature lash extension falloff.
  • Comb the lashes into place with a clean spoolie brush. It is the final step to keep the lash extensions untangled and fluttering. 

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Top tips to clean eyelash extensions daily

Being lash artists and distributors, you should brief all the following tips to your clients. They will appreciate your helpful advice and come back many times.

Use oil-free makeup removers or cleansers

Clients prefer oil-based makeup removers because of their ability to remove all the makeup residues effectively. However, oil can break down the adhesive on the lashes and make them fall off prematurely. Some clients are unaware of how oil can damage their lash extensions, so lash artists should inform this noticeable tip to them.

Always be gentle

During the whole cleaning process, being gentle is the most important notice. Advise them to avoid rubbing or tugging their lashes. It is an important key to prolong their lash extension and protect their natural lashes.

Avoid tissues or cotton pads

Many clients usually use tissues and cotton pads, instead of a soft brush to clean their lashes. However, tissues and cotton pads may pull out their lashes and remove them. This is a noticeable thing that lash artists should inform clients to clean eyelash extensions properly and prolong lash retention.

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This blog discusses a detailed guideline for your clients to clean eyelash extensions daily at home. Providing these helpful tips and recommending some renowned manufacturers will help you receive much appreciation.

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