How to find the right lash technician

If you think that just by putting lash extensions on, you can achieve a glamorous look like other lash wearers, you should give it a second thought. In fact, desired extensions depend on many factors, and the first and foremost requirement is a qualified lash technician. 

If you haven’t had any idea where to start looking for your “true” stylist, here are some useful tips:

1. Researching and evaluating lash technicians

Online search and review

It’s always a good idea to start with online searches, where the information is always readily available in abundance.

First, narrow down the list of potential lash artists to those who are close enough for your regular appointments. No one wants to drive hundreds of kilometers every 3-4 weeks for a lash infill (not to mention the emergencies). 

Then, it’s time to check them out on social media or their websites. Browsing their profiles on the internet is a good way to get an overview of their lash businesses. The content they post on their social platforms and website shows how professional they are in their knowledge of lash extensions, inspiring their clients and their product choices,…

In case you can’t find their social media, don’t hesitate to move on to the next option because, in this digital era, not a single lash pro doesn’t build a credible page online to engage customers. 

However, what is considered a “credible page”? It should show you their portfolio regularly, especially the before and after photos. Let me tell you, these pictures are indications of plenty of things. If posted frequently, it means that the business has a good reputation and the lash artist’s skills are practiced daily. They are confident enough to share their work with the public.

But it’s noteworthy to study their work carefully and make sure these photos are not copied from other people.

Another powerful tool is the client’s lash technician review. Read them carefully, as they are the most trustworthy sources that come from real experience. 

Checking certifications and qualifications

This is the most important thing to consider when sifting through their online information. A lash artist who passes through one or more specialized lashing courses will have deep knowledge and experience to minimize the chance of accidents or undesired lash extensions. 

Usually, their lash technician certification and lash technician qualifications are prominently shown on their website or social page, so don’t forget to check them out!

2. Consultation and communication 

Alright, if your potential lash artists have passed your strict “online test”, now take the next step to get to know them better. Communication is always essential to giving you an insight into something. An online chat with them or a face to face conversation is all good.

Not every lash artist can meet your specific requirements about the lash look you want to achieve, and that’s totally normal. For example, if you want an ombre anime lash set, but the lash artists don’t have ombre lashes in stock or have never done an anime lash map before, you might want to switch to another lash technician.  

Therefore, remember to ask them thoroughly about techniques and products to make sure they are qualified enough. 

Another advantage of consultation and communication is that you can check the lash artist’s personality and willingness to address all your concerns. Do they feel comfortable with you when you ask a lot of questions or set high requirements? Do they understand your expectations and preferences? This is the best chance to find out whether this lash artist “matches” you or not.

3. Skill and expertise 

After the above research steps, put their skills and expertise into assessment. 

First question, do they have enough experience and training in lash application techniques and knowledge of different lash types and styles? If yes, you are likely to have a good lashing experience. Steady hands and a deep understanding of lashes will make you feel assured and satisfy all your wonders about lashing. 

Second, take their ability to customize lash extensions to suit your demands into account. Especially if you desire a unique lash look, this qualification is vital. 

Last but not least, do they pay attention to detail and precision in lash placement? Obviously, a perfect lash look can’t be created carelessly.

4. Pricing and value 

Looking for a low priced lash appointment and lash products? Then, it’s very likely that the lash artist is a newbie or that his/her products are of low quality. In contrast, an experienced and skilled lash artist with good products and services will cost more. You can’t put too much expectation on gaining a bargain; instead, find a lash artist who balances price with quality and his/her expertise. 

Set your budget first, then choose the most suitable lash technician.

5. Ongoing maintenance and aftercare 

The lash journey doesn’t end when you leave the lash studio; it’s followed up by regular refill appointments and aftercare activities. Make sure the lash artist you choose has these services available and is ready to equip you with knowledge of proper aftercare practices and information on potential risks and side effects.

Choosing a lash technician is not easy, as you might see. But if you find it too difficult to find a “perfect” lash technician that meets all these criteria, it’s okay to pick the best with some flaws. Set your priorities first, and now let’s begin your search for the best lash