Into the popularity of L Curl eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions have revolutionized the beauty industry, offering clients the allure of effortlessly stunning lashes. Among the various curl types, the L curl has carved a niche for itself. In this blog, we delve into the world of L curl eyelash extensions, exploring what they are, their origin, usage, and the eye shapes they enhance.

What is the L Curl eyelash extension?

The L curl is a special curl type commonly used among lash lovers. Unlike the familiar circular lifts of C and D curls, the L curl features a straight base that gradually lifts, resembling the letter ‘L’ with a seamless transition. This unique shape makes it particularly suitable for clients with straight or downward-facing natural lashes, aiming for an open-eye appearance.

L curl eyelash extensions - the most popular curl


Some experts posit that the ‘L’ in L curl stands for “Lift,” as this curl provides a remarkable lifting effect. 

Who is the perfect candidate for the L curl eyelash extension?

Understanding the natural lashes is essential when utilizing L curl extensions, especially for determining which eye shapes benefit the most from them. Apparently, L curl is not for everyone. Some might benefit a lot from this curl, while others should avoid using it. 


And there is some blessed eye shape that can ultimate this special curl.

  • Hooded eyes: L curl extensions are ideal for clients with hooded eyes. The flat base of the L curl extends away from the upper lid, avoiding contact with the brow bone, which might occur with a D curl.
  • Small and Monolid eyes: L curl lashes create a lifting and enlarging effect, making small eyes appear more prominent.


  • Deep-set eyesBy applying L curl eyelash extensions at the outer corner and extending them towards the outer wand of the eye, you’re effectively extending the visual width of the eye. The upward lift of the L curl adds height and opens up the outer edges of the eyes, making them appear wider apart and create a balanced proportion
  • Straight and Downturned lashes: The upward sweep of the L curl helps in visually lifting straight or downward-facing natural lashes, contributing to a more open-eyed look.
  • Asian eyes: Unlike Caucasian, the Asian’s eyelashes are straight, sparse, hard to curl and often point straight down. That’s why L curl is great option to open up the nature of Asian eyes


Who shouldn’t wear L curl lashes?

  • Deep-set eyeThe upward lift of the L curl could accentuate the distance between the eyes, making them appear even farther apart. 
  • Protruding eyesProtruding eyes should be cautious when considering L curl eyelash extensions because the pronounced lift of the L curl can further emphasize the forward projection of the eyes. This might lead to an overly prominent and intense look, potentially not achieving the desired balance.

L vs L+ vs LD Curl

Beyond the conventional L curl, there are variations like the L+ and LD curls.

  • L+ Curl: This advanced curl combines the straight L curl base with an intensified curl at the tip, yielding a dramatic lift. It’s perfect for clients with downward-facing natural lashes or those desiring a captivating, eye-opening effect.
  • LD Curl: LD curls merge a D curl’s dramatic curvature with a straight base. This combination offers a broad attachment surface while the pronounced curl creates a strikingly open eye effect.

L Curl vs M Curl

Both L curl and M curl have garnered popularity, with M curl being a viable alternative. For an in-depth comparison, explore our blog “ Despite their shared lifting attributes, there are subtle differences in their outcomes.

Styles with L Curl eyelash extensions

The versatility of L curl lashes extends to various lash styles, allowing lash artists to craft stunning looks:

Full set

L curl can be used for a comprehensive, uniform lash appearance.

full set L-curl-lashes-on-eyes.

Mixing with other curls

Combining L curl with other curls like B, C, or CC enhances the overall effect. Placing curly curls at the inner corners and utilizing L curl eyelash extensions for the rest creates a harmonious and satisfying result.

mix-L-curl with C curl
Mix L curl and B curl

Mix L curl and CC curl

Using L curl lashes for Cat Eye, Foxy Eye, Kim K Lash Look: L curl lends itself beautifully to styles like the cat eye, foxy eye, and Kim K lash, each delivering a distinctive allure.


In conclusion, the L curl eyelash extensions have emerged as a versatile and transformative choice, enhancing a wide array of eye shapes and styles. Its unique structure, along with variations like L+ and LD curls, offers lash artists the tools to create captivating lash designs. From its role in opening up hooded eyes to its compatibility with small and downturned lashes, the L curl stands as a testament to the artistry of lash extensions.

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