Mastering the art of lash taping: Tips and Techniques

Mastering the art of lash taping: Tips and Techniques

Lash extensions have become a popular trend, and as a lash artist, archiving a flawless and long-lasting result for your clients is essential. Our crucial aspect of the lash extension process is the use of lash extension tape. In this blog, we’ll explore what a lash extension tape is, why a lash artist needs it,the different types of lash tape available, and all the lash taping techniques you need to level up your lash artistry. 

What is lash extension tape and why lash artists need it?

Lash extension tape is a specialized adhesive tape that is designed to assist lash artists during the application process. Its main purpose is to pull up the eyelid as well as keep the eye fluttering, which helps lash artists to see the root of natural lashes and work with ease. In addition, this kind of tape is often used in conjunction with eye patch to tape down the bottom lashes, which prevents any adhesive from coming into contact with both the top and bottom lashes, keeping them separated and avoiding any potential stickiness. 


Types of lash extension tape: which one is recommended?

Micropore tape

Micropore tape is a common and widely used type of lash extension tape. It’s made from paper and is known for its breathable nature. It conforms well to the shape of the eye, providing a comfortable fit for clients. With a moderate adhesive strength, this type of lash tape securely holds down bottom lashes without causing any damage or discomfort. Micropore lash tape is easy to remove, leaving no residue behide. 


Surgical tape

Surgical tape is another popular choice among lash artists. Unlike micropore tape, it is usually made of non-woven fabric material and offers an excellent adhesion. It is particularly suitable for securing and taping down the bottom lashes, but due to its slightly less breathable nature, it may cause a bit of discomfort during prolonged wear to some clients.


Foam tape

Foam lash tape is thicker and provides more cushioning to protect the under-eye area. It is especially beneficial for clients with deep-set eyes or prominent brow bones, as it prevents any pressure or contact between the adhesive and the skin.


Lash taping methods

Criss Cross tapping method

The criss-cross method involves placing two pieces of lash extension tape in a cross pattern. One piece is applied to the inner corner, and the other to the outer corner, effectively securing the bottom lashes and gel patches in place. This technique ensures there is no room for the bottom lashes to escape or the gel patches to slide during the lash application process.


Inner Corner reveal tapping method

This method focuses on improving accessibility to the inner corner lashes. A piece of tape is applied horizontally on the inner eyelid, and the eyelid is gently pulled towards the outer corner. By doing so, the lash artist gains better visibility and ease while working with the inner corner lashes.

Straight lift method

Perfect for clients with hooded or mature eyes, this technique involves placing the tape vertically along the lash line and pulling it upwards to lift the lash line. By lifting the lash line, the lash artist gains increased visibility and ease when applying extensions to the natural lashes. In the straight lift method, one piece of tape is placed in the middle of the lash line or two pieces at the inner and outer corners. This technique lifts the natural lashes, making them more accessible for extension application.


Cross lift method

In this method, the tape is applied diagonally on the inner and outer corners, creating a criss-cross pattern on the upper eye. This technique is beneficial for ensuring lash isolation and securing the gel patches during the procedure.

Mastering the art of lash extension taping is essential for any lash artist looking to elevate their skills and provide top-notch service to their clients. By understanding the different types of lash extension tape and incorporating various taping methods, you can achieve flawless lash sets with ease. Remember, lash extension tape is your secret weapon to ensure clean, precise, and long-lasting results, leaving your clients delighted and coming back for more. Happy lashing!