What are Flat Lash Extensions? What is it used for?

You are a lash retailer, a lash artist wanting to elevate your lash game? 

Elegance and comfort! That’s the allure of Ellipse Flat Lashes, a revolution in lash extensions. With their unique ellipse base, weightless feel, and dramatic depth in ultra-matte black, these lashes are poised to reshape the industry. So come with us now as we uncover the enchantment of Ellipse Flat Lashes and discover how they’re rewriting the rules for lash professionals.

What are Flat Lash Extensions?

Flat lashes, also known as cashmere lashes, ellipse lashes, due to their oval shape, are eyelash extensions with a unique flat, rhomboid base. Unlike traditional round lashes, they exhibit a flatter base, creating a rectangular appearance where the sides curve inward. This distinctive shape is achieved through compression during manufacturing, and the base width determines the thickness. Another remarkable feature of flat lashes is the split tip that introduces a voluminous effect without adding extra weight.


Flat Lash Extensions’ Key Features

Basically flat lashes are a variant of classic lashes. They have the same material but 40% less weight. 

  • High-Quality Korean PBT Fiber: EASYNICE LASH Ellipse Flat Lashes are crafted from premium Korean PBT fiber, ensuring superior quality. These cruelty-free lashes are not tested on animals, reflecting our commitment to ethical practices
  • Dense, Knot-Free, and Glue Residue-Free: These lashes are meticulously crafted to be dense, knot-free, and free from glue residue, ensuring a flawless application.

Flat Lash Extension Features: No kink Easy to fan within seconds. thin base Dense matte back super soft Non-sticky

What set the flat ellipse lashes apart are

  • Full Matte, Deep Black: these lashes offer a full matte, deep black finish by preventing the light from coming in through the base of the lashes. This darkness adds depth and drama to lash looks.
  • Thin, Ellipse Base: The innovative ellipse base enhances retention. Its flatter shape results in a wider bonding surface, promoting better adhesion and longer-lasting wear. Thin base also provides a super-soft, lightweight, and slim alternative to regular lashes, creating an eyeliner effect and instantly making your eyes appear bigger
  • Split Tip: Another cool thing about flat lashes is that the split tip offers increased thickness and volume without additional weight. This design contributes to a softer result and provides an instant double volume effect.

 The Benefits of Using Ellipse Flat Lashes

  • Enhanced Retention: The flatter base of classic flat lashes ensures a stronger bond with natural lashes. leading to improved retention and longer wear.
  • Weightless Volume: The split tip enables building volume and texture without adding extra weight, ideal for creating fuller looks.
  • Dramatic Appearance: The full matte, deep black color allows for darker and more dramatic lash styles.
  • Minimal Glue Usage: The flatter base translates to a wider bonding surface, requiring less adhesive and eliminating the need for extra glue.
  • Eyeliner Effect: The flatter base enhances the eyeliner effect, adding definition to lash lines.
  • Suitable for All Customers: Ellipse Shape Lash Extensions are lighter so it’s suitable for all types of clients even those who have weak, short, or thin lashes, preventing damage and catering to first-timer

 The Differences Between Flat Lashes and Classic Lashes

Flat lashes and classic lashes are both popular amongst eyelash extensions, each with its own set of characteristics and benefits. But what’s the difference? Which one is better?

To solve the question, let’s see the comparision table between our Mink lash and Flat lash for better understanding :


So, which to choose?

  • For a Natural Look: If you prefer a natural, everyday look, flat lashes with a matte finish can be a better choice.
  • For Volume: If you desire more volume and texture without adding weight, flat lashes, especially those with split tips, are ideal.
  • For Versatility: Classic lashes offer versatility and can be used to achieve various styles, making them a good option if you want to experiment with different looks.
  • For Delicate Natural Lashes: If you have weak or thin natural lashes, flat lashes are gentler on them.

 Different types of Flat Lash Extension

Thinking you know everything about flat lash extensions? Ellipse base, split tip and matte black? Well, there’s more to discover than meets the eye. Ellipse lashes come in 4 types: Ellipse Flat, Mink Flat, Silk Flat and Premium Deep Split Tip Flat, each with its own distinct characteristics and applications.

Style & Technique: Your Artistry Awaits

You can explore a wide range of styles and techniques that these lashes seamlessly adapt to.

Classic Technique, Apply 1:1: Cashmere Lashes are the canvas for classic lash sets. The precision of the classic technique, applying one extension to one natural lash, is beautifully accentuated by the ellipse base. It’s a recipe for timeless elegance.

Wispy and Spikes Kim K: Beyond classic sets, these lashes lend themselves to trendy “wispy” or “spikes” styles. Channel the glamor of Kim Kardashian yourself with those lashes.

Kim Kardashian's Evelashes Look | I'M FABULOUS COSMETICS
Wispy-lashes-wispy-eyelash-extensions spiked lash extension

How to Apply Ellipse Flat Lashes: A Pro’s Guide

To unlock the full potential of Ellipse Flat Lashes, mastering the application process is essential. Here’s a step-by-step guide to elevate your lash game:

  1. Consultation and Selection: Begin by engaging your client in a thorough consultation. Understand their preferences, style, and desired look. This personalized approach allows you to guide them in selecting the perfect Flat Cashmere Lashes style that complements their features and desired outcome.
  2. Cleansing: Thoroughly cleanse your client’s natural lashes. This primes the lashes for optimal adhesion and a seamless blend with eyelash extension. Consider using Shampoo, Remover, and Primer for this step to achieve the thorough cleansing.

Eyelash Cleansing with Shampoo - Professional Eyelash Extension Aftercare

To know more about all the tools and supplies needed throughout the Application process

  1. Isolation: meticulously isolating each individual natural lash. This ensures that each extension attaches to a single lash, guaranteeing both a natural look and long-lasting wear.
  2. Glue usage: Use a minimal amount of adhesive when applying Ellipse Flat Lashes. 

These unique lashes often require less adhesive while maintaining a secure bond due to the flatter base, contributing to a comfortable and lightweight experience for the users.This not only creates stunning results but also ensures comfort for your client.

eyelash fans, lash glue, lash adhesive, Dipping Lash Extensions into Adhesive in glue Rings

  1. Positioning and Technique: Unlike traditional lashes that you can apply the lash extensions on any sides of the natural lash as it has a round base which makes it the same to apply in any direction. Ellipse Flat Lashes are designed to adhere to either the top or bottom of the natural lashes. This unique feature impacts the overall placement technique, ensuring a seamless and secure attachment.
  2. Creating Volume and Texture: While Ellipse Flat Lashes Extension can be used for a full set, they work remarkably well when combined with premade fans. Blending them in can create a fuller texture, achieving voluminous results.
  3. Caring for Longevity and Beauty: Emphasize the importance of gentle cleansing and avoiding oil-based products to preserve the beauty and longevity of their Ellipse Flat Lashes. Equipping them with this information ensures they enjoy their enhanced look for as long as possible.


The rise of Ellipse Flat Lashes has redefined the lash extension experience. Their innovative design, from the ellipse base to the split tip, introduces efficiency, comfort, and creativity. With enhanced retention, weightless volume, and striking effects, these lashes empower lash artists to create unparalleled looks. 

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